Build your Family Culture and Inspire your Children 
with Family Meetings



Build your Family Culture and Inspire your Children with Family Meetings

Are you tired of doing everything around the home, and you want your family to feel excited about doing their share of the responsibilities?

I know I was! 
I felt like I was the only one who noticed all the work that had to be done. My head used to literally hurt from multitasking and trying not to forget anything between household, homeschooling, and work. Until I decided to engage my family in a more collaborative way.
If you’re tired of doing everything for everyone, watch the video below.

Grab the Family Meetings Blueprint and start empowering your family to come together as a team in as little as 1 hour per week.

You would like to wake up to a calm home, but there's too much nagging and conflict in your life right now.

You are making sure everyone else's needs are being taken care of, meanwhile your needs are being seen as demands.

What you really want is to be seen, appreciated and feel loved but right now you're feeling trampled on.

You want your kids and partner take on more responsibilities around the home, but don't quite know how. 

You wished your kid's would set goals for their education, rather than you and the teachers pushing curriculum onto them.

You don't have the energy anymore to police around the home all.the.time.

You're tired and exhausted.

If you want to learn how to create a more independent, confident and loving family in 1 hour per week, then start to build your team now! 

A Video and Workbook Course to help you...

  Confidently conduct family meetings with themed templates 

✔  Follow a proven meeting structure

✔  Shift the mood from bossy to collaborative 

✔  Increase your family's desire to participate and contribute

✔  Templates to identify and track your individual and family goals 

✔  Discover how to bring back joy into your family life  

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Who is Kerstin, what is Work-Life Flow, and why should I trust her with my family journey?

Great Question... So glad you asked.

I'm Kerstin, a scientist turned executive coach, my friends call me their rock and mentor.

If you'd asked me 5 years ago I would have shaken my head vigorously at the mention of being a leader in my home. It only dawned on when I sat in my leadership training that this is what I've been doing all along with my family. I had this AHA moment that the skills I've been teaching my kids and the way I have been showing up for them is the definition of a leader. Of what I was now teaching to adults in companies.  

I was too overwhelmed by my day-to-day that I couldn't quite see the big picture. Now I am consciously using the tools I learned to lead my family towards a life lived with purpose.

I am on a mission to flip motherhood on its head and show moms how to lead with love and inspire the next generation! I want you to become a leader who uses emotional intelligence to master the every day challenges, who is able to better respond to people's needs (read tantrums and challenging behaviors) without loosing sight of herself and who embodies her core values. Are you ready to embrace the leader you were meant to be? 

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