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Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm, lead a life you love

& inspire your children by doing so?


Being a mom is the best, they say. Enjoy it while it lasts, they say.

But how can you enjoy running the household, doing the groceries, the cooking, the cleaning, the finances, all the volunteer work for school (because you think you’ll be expected to do it), all the communications around school, planning the extracurriculars and then driving your kids to and fro', making snacks so they won’t go hungry between school and sports, planning the camping weekends, attending birthday parties?

All the while holding down a job? All that mental load. You feel so exhausted, are near burn out.

And then, just like that, your kids get a bit older...

... just enough to not need you that much anymore. You begin to realize that you’ve lost yourself over the years. You’ve lived your life on autopilot way too long.


I understand your struggle because this has been my journey, too.

The moment I realized that I had lost myself, I started to implement small changes.

I started with self-care.

Showing myself and everyone around me that I was my own person (outside my mom-role) and had needs as well.

Then going through leadership training I had an epiphany: All the tools that I was sharing in companies for their leadership training were the tools that I had been using with my children and spouse.

I realized that being a mom (parent) was a leadership position. 

Now I am on a mission to help more moms step into their leadership potential through emotional intelligence.

I want to hear more!

Authentic Leadership in the Home means that...

...  you as a family are working together to make your family vision a reality.

... you adults model your core values.

... you hold family meetings, where everyone not only gets a seat at the table, but also a voice and vote. 

... you create a routine and rhythm that honors each individual (because strict schedules don't always work for families).

... you honor your different personalities and leverage your superpowers.

... you honor your kid's needs without forgetting about your own.

... you pitch together as a team.

... you love to learn and explore together.

... you life live to the fullest.

... you embrace conflicts as opportunities to come closer.

Yes, I want to lead!

What I know to be true is that thriving relationships are what we crave.

I want the same for you.

I want to take you on this journey of finding yourself and making your family vision a reality. 

I want to guide you on your leadership journey, so you can create a family culture of support and love.  

So that you can accomplish your professional goals and enjoy a fulfilling family life, guilt-free.

Let's chat!

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