Are You Tired of Feeling Taken Advantage Of? Ace Your Boundaries with the Guilt-Free 'NO' Guide









Is it difficult to say 'NO' for you?

I know for me it was! 
It was not a skill that was modeled much in my home growing up. Now that I learned to set appropriate boundaries I feel empowered and I want the same for you. 

This Mini-Course will help you get clear on your priorities and non-negotiable boundaries and give you scripts for a guilt-free NO. And now it's less than a tank of gas!

Get Your Time Back and Create Space for the Things That Matter to You Most with The "Guilt-Free 'NO' Guide" for only $34.-

Do you have a hard time setting boundaries with your loved ones?

Are you constantly being approached to give your time and have a hard time saying 'No'?

And once you said 'No' you regret it and even feel uneasy toward the person who asked?

Your kid's school needs volunteers, then there is the fundraiser for their extracurriculars, and even at work you're asked to organize a Happy Hour.

If you feel like you don't have ownership over your time or you feel like you're being used, then let's change that now! 

A Video and Workbook Course to help you... 
✔ Walk you through my 5-Step process to your guilt-free NO

✔ Understand your boundaries, define your values and non-negotiable 'NO's 

✔ Understand the underlying emotions of giving your time to tasks you don't feel fired up about

✔ Scripted Examples of saying NO politely and guilt-free

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Why buy from me? So glad you asked!

I used to be that person in the room that would take on all volunteer tasks no-one had signed up for.

I used to give my time too freely, until I realized time is my most valuable resource. 

Trying to balance work and my family time, I had to get better at choosing what to spend my time on.

I sat down and worked through the same questions, I give you in this workbook and ever since, haven't felt bad about saying NO to tasks that were not meant for me.

My clients loved the results they were getting as well! So I decided to make it into a small product for you!

After all, being busy is not a badge of honor. It's a sign that you're spreading yourself too thin.

I am a Scientist turned Life & Leadership Coach.

My journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship and lots of conversation with working moms made it clear that work-life integration is a topic most working moms struggle with.

Leveraging my analytical nature combined with my understanding for individualized solutions, I have created a system for moms to peel back the layers of obligations, expectations and guilt and build a life they're excited to get up for every day.

In my Leadership Consulting I have worked with clients from Thermo Fisher, EDF Renewables and Quidel.

When I'm not working with clients you can find me mountain biking or enjoying the great outdoors with my family.

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