You Deserve to Enjoy Your Work and Family 

You're a high-achieving woman in STEM who loves her work, but as opportunities come up in your career, you either are being overlooked or feel uncomfortable making the shift away from the technical side into a leadership role. 

You are working so hard, giving your all to your career, and yet you feel stuck. 

You might be wondering what is possible? Maybe you have taken on a leadership role but wished there were more support and guidance?

It's time to reimagine our lives and create new rules for how we live and work

You Deserve to Enjoy Your Work and Family

You’re giving so much to your career, and yet you feel stuck. 

You might be wondering what is possible? Maybe you have taken on a leadership role but wished there were more support and guidance?

It's time to reimagine our lives and create new rules for how we live and work

Propel Your Leadership Journey without Losing Sight of Your Family Life.

What if I told you that I could help you reach your leadership goals while balancing career & family, so you can bring your best self to ALL AREAS OF LIFE, GUILT-FREE.
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  • Kerstin K Leadership Consulting LLC

    “The most important thing about Kerstin is that she “cares”. She Really Cares!! She cares about how she can help you achieve your goals and broaden your perspectives. By asking poignant questions, Kerstin was able to reflect back to me the things and situations that I needed to be aware of and consider. She was excellent as a sounding board and knowing that she is in my corner has really helped me feel that someone who is totally interested in my success is there for me!


  • Kerstin K Leadership Consulting LLC

    “Kerstin, you’ve been such a valuable resource!
    Your insightful questions helped me identify my strengths and use them to make an impact in my industry.
    I love that you patiently held space for my goal-setting process and took time to reflect back my perceptions and beliefs. I feel much more empowered as an industry leader with your support! ”

    Owner, Mainly Montessori - Educational Consulting

  • Kerstin K Leadership Consulting LLC

    “It has been so great working with Kerstin! She has really helped unlock quite a few a-ha moments & learnings that I now take into my everyday. Much looking forward to continuing to work with her!”

    Oversee all things ELEMIS.Com

  • Kerstin K Leadership Consulting LLC

    “Kerstin's educational videos highlighted the reality of my daily struggles and clarified the areas that require improvement. Her guidance provided me with the tools to address these issues. I gained the courage and confidence to ask for more, speak up about my wants and needs more, and say “NO” more frequently without the intense feeling of guilt.

    Dentist Assistant

  • Kerstin K Leadership Consulting LLC

    “Kerstin has helped me effectively drive forward in my career and business. Kerstin "nailed it" in our discussion with thought provoking questions and insight from her expertise. Kerstin has a natural gift of reading between the lines and assisting her clients to dive deep for continued success. Her tenacious attitude allows her clients to discover optimal solutions. I am grateful for her support.”

    Founder, CEO

Design Your Career and Leadership Journey

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Lead effortlessly as a valued and empowered executive  through the Work-Life Flow coaching framework.

✔️  Refine what's working or needs changing

✔️  Attain the value and impact you crave

✔️  Design your Career and Leadership Journey

✔️  Empower your team to innovate and achieve results

✔️  Build a Career/Business to live the life you want  

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What women in STEM careers are saying:

"Even if I get approved for leadership courses, I sometimes don’t have the bandwidth/time to take courses."

"I have two kids and during the pregnancy breaks I felt penalized because I couldn’t reach the milestones they required."

"I need to be in a manager position to be able to take leadership courses. I won’t get a manager position because of my family choice and lack of training (chicken and egg problem)." 

"We manage people and should be trained to manage people, but we’re trained to manage things (documents, deadlines, supply chain,...) when things don’t matter. People matter."


I can't wait to live in a world where...

... a woman does not have to fight for equal opportunities and equal pay anymore.

... a company WANTS to be flexible to keep their best talent.

... being a mom is not a threat to your career and leadership trajectory.

... you can show up as your whole, authentic self every day and trying your best is enough

... women are invited to the table where decisions are being made, because their perspective is valued and necessary.

We women have a lot of roles to fulfill. Societal pressure can feel limiting and weigh us down.

When it comes to work, expectations are often unclear as to how we are supposed to show up.

There is still a lot of bias about women who do have families to take care of as being less invested in their work.

Maybe you don’t have children but as a woman seem to be overlooked for opportunities and promotions already. 

Are you being confident but coworkers or managers see it as being bossy? It can be tricky to know when to push and when to take a step back. 

After-hour beers are not your thing. You might be the only woman in the C-suite.

Playing golf is not your cup of tea, but that’s what the male leadership does. And you wonder how you could build relationships that further your career?

"Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will LEAD others to join you." - Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Danielle realized that she could grow her business AND be a nurturing mom.

"I was afraid of growing my business, thinking it would take me away from my family. With the tools that I learned from Kerstin, I now know I can achieve both."

- Danielle Featherson, CEO at Danielle Featherson, mom of 2, about the Take the Lead coaching program.

In college you got to supervise your first lab assistant, without ever being trained on how to lead them, how to set proper expectations, or hold them accountable for them. If it worked out fine, you were lucky but most of them needed supervision and were learning what it meant to do experiments and how to report back.

Have you ever held onto a person in the lab because he/she got something done, but you’d never trust that person to participate in a critically important project?

I know I have.

Sometimes, it was easier to give up on them and not let them perform key experiments, so you were trying to find experiments that were less important, because you felt uncomfortable talking about expectations and commitment needed from their side.

You have gone through college, maybe even through PhD and PostDoc where a culture of collaboration and trust had not been modeled very well.

Now you find yourself working in a company, in your first managerial position but have never had leadership training, and so you worry how to build a high-performing team.

You find respite in meetings that are focused on data but aren’t quite sure how to navigate the issues related to people, like how to have conversations about (silent) conflict at work, career development of the individuals on your team, how to give feedback in annual performance reviews, etc.

As you get ready to advance to the next level you feel the need to be better prepared. Your company might have offered some training, but it feels more like they are trying to check boxes rather than train their managers well.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to go through assessments without proper follow-up and training afterwards.

Build Your High-Performing Team

Leverage your team members' individual strengths and contributions through Emotional Intelligence

✔️  Get to know your individual team members

✔️  Foster innovative ideas

✔️  Set clear expectations

✔️  Model healthy debate 

✔️  Leverage individual strengths

✔️  Identify and Support challenges

✔️  Create connection and collaboration in your team

Yes, I Want to Create a Cohesive Team!

"The skills required for being a great mom are not mutually exclusive to those skills you need to be a great leader. Most great leaders offer compassion, support their employees, and listen, the same way that a great mother offers. Being a great leader means multitasking, keeping all the trains running on time, and being efficient with your time and focus—all traits that are crucial in raising a family as well."  - Angela Roberts, CEO at U.S. Money

pic flashsale Kerstin

Hi! I'm Kerstin.

A Scientist turned Executive Coach.

Just like you, I've had great work environments, but I've also experienced really toxic work environments. 

I've had the pleasure to work with brilliant scientists who, unfortunately, lacked any interpersonal skills. It didn't help that we were competing for resources and money, either.

These competitive environments were not for me. They are why I started to dive into leadership courses and became a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and executive coach.

I believe that technically brilliant people can learn the skills they need to successfully lead a team, or even a company. Because, when you decide to stay curious and learn more about yourself and others, you unlock your highest potential. 

With the CoVid pandemic, it became apparent that work and life were not as separate as we tried to keep them. Life informs our performance at work. Just like work affects our home life, if we don't learn the proper tools to reset.
When we learn to become more aware of how our emotions influence our behavior, our decisions and our performance, we can start creating a work environment where everyone feels safe, heard and understood. Leading not only to a more engaged workforce but also to a healthier work environment.

I am on a mission to change corporate culture so that women won't have to choose between their career and family.  I want you to become a leader who embodies her core values, uses Emotional Intelligence to master every day challenges and who is  better able respond to change without losing sight of herself in the process.
Are you ready to embrace the leader you were meant to be?

Yes, I Want to Lead!

ICF Associate Certified Coach

CEC Certified Executive Coach

Certified Genos EI Practicioner

Certified Genos Ignite Instructor

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