Emotional Intelligence Solutions
for Your Organization

Increase innovation, resilience and psychological wellbeing in your teams 

You are leading an organization, or running a business and have the impression you could work more smoothly together.

You wonder why your team members, who are creative and diverse, don't share their point of view very often.

You suspect that the pandemic has taken a toll on you or your team.

You wonder how to navigate work-from-home or back-to-office challenges.

You are not sure why you are not hitting your goals.

You are not alone. There is a solution. 

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 Are you suspecting that the pandemic has taken a toll on you or your team?

With EI assessments and training you can create a more cohesive team by showing them you care. Your team members will feel seen and heard but most importantly save enough to share their challenges.

So you'll always know who in your team needs support to be more successful.

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In a world that is more and more reliant on technology and AI,

Emotional Intelligence becomes a key ingredient for success.

 Research shows that companies that invest in Emotional Intelligence Training see increased:

✔️  Talent Retention
✔️  Customer Satisfaction
✔️  Creativity
✔️  Mental Health
✔️  Team Cohesiveness
✔️  Brand Identification
✔️  Workplace engagement
✔️  ROI

The Science behind It

Given our human nature, our emotions inform every decision and behavior whether we want it or not.

Why is that?

Neuroscience has confirmed that the information our brain takes up has to pass through our limbic system (lizard brain) before reaching our thinking brain (the pre-frontal cortex).

We can not shortcut our emotions out of the way, but...

... we can develop strategies to integrate our emotional input, create a space of awareness, and take informed decisions.


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

I am passionate about Emotional Intelligence

I've had great work environments, but I've also been in a work environment where our team meetings were the most hostile interactions you can imagine.

You know what happened? Team members stopped sharing ideas, they didn't highlight flawed thinking in anyone's presentations. Everyone just wanted to get through the meeting unscathed. 

Can you imagine how unproductive these meetings were? How damaging to the team and the horrible results we got? 

This is why I started diving into leadership courses and became a certified emotional intelligence practitioner. I want to bring EI and Leadership training so that everyone feels safe and valued.

I am so passionate about EI and you should be too! We need to get better at recognizing that our lizard brain is trying to protect us, but by doing so in situations that are not about life or death, it hinders our capacity to think and problem solve. 

When we learn to become more aware about how our emotions influence our behavior, our decisions and our performance we can start creating a work environment where everyone feels safe, heard and understood. Leading not only to a more engaged workforce but also to a healthier work environment.


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