Finding Work-Life Flow with Homeschooling and Entrepreneurship with Brenda Jones

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Today’s episode is all about knowing that you are the designer of your life. You will learn that defining your core values is not only necessary for letting go of mom guilt, but also makes setting appropriate boundaries easy peasy, and helps free up time for the things that matter to you most.

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We also talk about how we manipulate ourselves into believing we're stuck and what it takes to get unstuck. Brenda talks about how, once emotionally triggered, we filter everything through that emotion and can’t see the big picture, let alone see possible solutions. She also shares NLP tools to change from being “at effect” of your life to being in charge of it. 

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What we’re talking about...

  • Why releasing the idea of balance is the first step of reaching your work-life flow
  • How defining core values helps with setting boundaries and will free up time
  • How eliminating a school district’s agenda and schedule can help you create more quality family time.
  • Why our mood is a filter of our reality and how to break out of the negative reinforcement
  • That in communication, we are responsible for the answers we get and how to communicate more clearly.
  • How Brenda’s journey of finding healing turned into her new career

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