Building Resilience through Small Bites of Self Care with Bridget Strama

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For the holiday season, I wanted to bring some calm and joy. This is why today’s episode is all about how to integrate small acts of self-care into your life. 

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We chat about how Bridget has navigated the challenges of the pandemic; the shift in work-life flow it brought for her family as well as the inception of her new program “Self-Care Small Bites”. We chat about our refusal to propagate martyrdom as a badge of honor for moms if we want our kids to grow up in a more equal society. Listen until the end and enjoy a guided “self care small bite”.

We also discuss how we make it a point to show our kids that we moms have passions. That we are people who need to take care of themselves before caring for others. Bridget shares about using yoga techniques in her classroom creating a much kinder atmosphere. She also shares about her supportive husband helping her navigate work-life balance integration while she is busy doing different projects. 

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What we’re talking about...

  • The immediate positive transformations she saw in her students when she introduced yoga in her classroom. 
  • How her supportive partner helps her navigate work-life integration while doing different projects.
  • That homeschooling brings a lot of flexibility but certainly looked very different during the pandemic lockdown.
  • The challenges of homeschooling during this pandemic when kids are at home and both parents work from home.
  • What is “self care small bite” is all about and how can it help you as a mom.
  • That you have to give the best to yourself to be able to give the best to your family. 
  • That there are many types of meditation, not only sitting still in silence.
  • Meditation is about centering and focusing on what you need at that moment and not holding on to what you don’t need.
  • Delegating will help you achieve your work-life balance. 
  • You don’t have to feel less as a mom if you are passing duties to your husband. 
  • That social equality starts at home. 
  • It is important for our kids to see that we are passionate, that we love what we do.
  • The importance of experiencing a mindful activity that will put you back into the moment before you move on with your day. 


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