Making Mom Friends and our Need for Deep, Meaningful Connection with Emily Siegel

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Today’s episode is all about how to find fierce friends, nurture these relationships and create more work-life integration in doing so. Emily shares her thoughts on what true friendship means, and how to find these meaningful friendships we all crave. She shares how she has built up a village of friends from scratch through two trans-country moves and gives some great advice for how to strike up the first conversation with a stranger to creating an opportunity for connection without coming off creepy.

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What we’re talking about…

  • That we all yearn for more connection, but our mindset stops us from reaching out.
  • The importance of modeling healthy relationships to our kids.
  • How to start a conversation that leads to low-pressure opportunities for repeat encounters.
  • Emily shares some scripts for conversation starters.
  • That planning and scheduling a meet-up could be what holds us back from creating more opportunities for friend-time.
  • How “automating” repeat meet-ups help keep the friendship alive, much like the concept of “Stammtisch”. 
  • The importance of creating low-barrier opportunities for new friendships to grow.
  • Emily shares her “open door” approach to Wednesday family dinners.
  • Examples of how introverts can recharge after reaching out to new friends. 
  • Why it might be harder for extroverts to create deeper, lasting relationships and how to balance that out. 
  • How Emily and her husband create “morning-meeting/dates” to plan their work-life balance, goals, and direction as a family.
  • That it is ok to have a different friend “pockets”.


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