With a Vision Anything is Possible, even in the Midst of Motherhood with Tracy Nolin Beerman

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Today’s episode is a deep-dive into the journey from “Mom-nesia”, as Tracy calls it, to reconstructing your true self. Tracy shares her FAB framework she uses to help moms rediscover themselves and live richer lives and surprisingly it touches on a lot of leadership concepts. 

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We also explored the possibility that our societal expectations and schooling might be the reason why we don’t know who we are until we start peeling back these layers and are brave enough to become who we were meant to be.

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What we’re talking about…

  • Why we have to start with self-awareness first.
  • How being authentic and true to yourself is important in leading a life you love.
  • Tracy’s FAB framework - Focus, Align and Become.
  • Why knowing your vision, your why is the key step to reaching your goals.
  • Aligning your thoughts and actions with your core values and who you wish to become.
  • How using the word “shifting” can help reframe our state of mind from helpless to powerful. 
  • How we could use our future self to be our inner mentor.  
  • Why most vision boards fail and what to focus on instead.
  • Knowing and setting boundaries around work is key for Tracy’s Work-Life Flow
  • That her family decides together and has a chore-chart to run the household more efficiently.
  • Tracy and her husband plan their calendar every six months, to make sure to get the most important things on the calendar.


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