A group picture and the need to learn to embrace ourselves with Tiffany Clarke

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In today’s episode with Tiffany Clarke, we talk about how important it is to embrace the person you are right now and take decisions from a place of possibility. Tiffany urges us to listen to our small voice and make it part of our life.

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She shares how she leads her family taking into account the different personalities of each family member, their changing needs, and that they make decisions to find the best solution for the time they are in.

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What we’re talking about…

  • Why we need to learn to embrace who we are and learn to love ourselves
  • How branding sessions can help small businesses stand out with their individuality
  • Why starting a business is like having a baby
  • The beauty of being present with women in their moment of empowerment
  • How homeschooling can support entrepreneurship, especially if you’re working evening hours
  • The importance of creating a support system to reach a work-life balance
  • Why work-life integration can be tricky to reach with entrepreneurship 
  • That we make a conscious decision what we put our time and energy into
  • How the pandemic impacted the homeschool community and work time
  • Why homeschooling lends itself to honor different personalities and learning styles
  • Expect your partner to chip in and take on responsibilities
  • That respecting someone comes with expecting them to do things


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