Dress in Less - How to Build Your Individualized Capsule Wardrobes as a Busy Mom with Kim Hancher

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Today’s episode is about how to take out the stress of getting dressed with a simplified wardrobe. Kim is on a mission to help moms feel their best by dressing true to their style. Oftentimes we feel frustrated with what to wear and how to dress. She walks us through the basic pieces of a capsule wardrobe and how to build it. Her approach is to reduce your wardrobe to pieces you love and make your eyes glow! 

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What we’re talking about…

  • The concept of a capsule wardrobe and its key pieces
  • How to dress your body type and find your style
  • How to start the process toward your simplified wardrobe without giving up style
  • The concept of basic pieces and color and how to add patterns or accent colors
  • Why one capsule might not be enough for you and how to build your wardrobe
  • How having a streamlined wardrobe helps reduce the time for getting ready every day
  • What good a capsule wardrobe can do for you

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