How Homeschooling has Influenced our Family Culture

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In today’s episode, I share our path to homeschooling and the short and long-term benefits we saw in our children as well as our family dynamic. Coming from Austria, where homeschooling is strictly regulated, and not very common, I had never thought of homeschooling my kids. When my daughter hit 2.5 years I was ready to send her to preschool, so I could resume my career, but she wasn’t. Simultaneously, my son’s love of learning started to wane. So we took the plunge into a new lifestyle and all it had to offer!

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What we’re talking about…

  • Why remote schooling is not homeschooling
  • When homeschooling might be the right fit for you
  • How I noticed signs of anxiety in my daughter
  • What deschooling is and how powerful it can be
  • Why I see homeschooling as a lifestyle choice not only an educational choice
  • How homeschooling brought us closer together as a family
  • How liberating it is to “just” be yourself not only for the children
  • The power of catering to their strengths and helping them with their challenges 
  • How to set the tone for your family culture 

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