Why You Should Embrace the Hero’s Journey of Your Life with Molly Christensen

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Today’s episode is a conversation about how Molly discovered that the pattern of the Hero’s Journey can help her understand the flow of life. She shares how this pattern has helped her recognize that each of our journeys is vastly different in details, but all have common elements. This recognition has helped her not only with homeschooling her seven children but also in her own life. She shares her tactic of how to choose when to embark on a Hero’s Journey or when not to. 

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What we’re talking about…

  • What the Hero’s Journey is and how to recognize it in your life
  • How to use the Hero’s Journey to teach adaptability and resilience
  • That our kids learn from what we do, not what we say
  • The importance of getting your family to work towards a common goal
  • How Molly slowly incorporate more self-care 
  • How to take the pressure off when we look at life as a process rather than a singular event
  • Why we should protect our children’s time instead of filling it with activities
  • The importance of giving choices to our kids

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