The Road to Intentional Fatherhood with Chris Hanlon

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In today’s episode, Chris shares how he created a program for dads who want to live fatherhood with more presence. He noticed that many dads wanted to feel more connected and be more involved in the preparation for the baby's arrival. We explore why dads often feel left behind throughout pregnancy and the early years and what to do about it. 

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What we’re talking about…

  • How the partners can be the emotional buffer and bring a sense of calm
  • Why we need to talk about changes in intimacy once a baby is born
  • Dad’s intuition and how to access it
  • It the importance of tuning into your partner and remind them to take a break
  • Why we first have to become aware of our limiting beliefs before we can make a shift
  • Why children are our mirrors and how they actually help us grow.

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