Healing The Next Generation through Trauma Resolution in Motherhood with Christa Bevan

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Today’s episode is all about trauma and our response to it. Christa helps us understand the difference between big T and little t trauma and why we should never discount a traumatic experience. She shares what TRE is and why it helps resolve trauma. We explore why attachment parenting could actually be bad for moms and what to do instead. Lastly, Christa shares her key steps to creating a work-life integration that works for her.

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What we’re talking about…

  • Why we have to stop being martyrs and start leading a fulfilling life
  • The faulty premise of attachment parenting
  • How important it is to work through trauma
  • What TRE is and how it helps
  • Why we should never belittle our little traumas
  • That we need to lean on support even if it’s a paid position

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