I lost my cool and flipped my lid, now what?

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You flipped your lid. Now what?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so triggered that you said (or yelled) something you truly wished you hadn’t said? Right. It happens. You flipped your lid. Now you fall into the negative spiral thinking you damaged your kids, or how you’re not cut out to be a mom, or how you should have been able to control yourself better,...Now you’re feeling shameful.

I want you to know that you are not a bad mom because you sometimes yell at your kids, so let’s get that off the table. We flip your lids.It happens at times. And it tends to happen more often when we are spread thin when we do not have time to decompress and rest as much as we need. See how we’re coming full circle here? 

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What we're talking about...

  • Why we lose it at times
  • How to repair a relationship after a conflict
  • That we have to pay attention to our energy levels
  • Why the objective situation often is not the reason we lose it and what it is instead
  • Research on apologies and why they are so difficult to muster

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