How to Identify Your Children’s Marketable Skills Through Homeschooling with Renee Harris

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In today’s episode, Renee shares her story of how a skin care product she had created for dry skin grew into an online business that could retire her husband and support her family. Out of necessity, her husband took over homeschooling and soon realized that he liked to dive into projects with them that eventually led them to become specialists in these areas. This approach to fostering their interest and helping them identify marketable skills has led them to their new venture “Parent Their Passion” where they coach parents on the

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What we're talking about...

  • Why listening to our kids is important for them to take risks
  • That even interests that don’t look important to us can lead our children to find their passion
  • How we parents can become our children’s guides and role models
  • Why do we moms should work towards goals and let our kids into our world of work
  • Renee challenges us to find real-world applications to our children’s interests
  • Why we should say YES more
  • How a seemingly irrelevant hobby can lead to finding their profession

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