How to Raise Critical Thinkers in Your Homeschool with Julie Bogart

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In today’s episode, my guest Julie Bogart and I talk about the importance of getting to know your children and letting them explore their interests even if it doesn’t look like “learning”. We chat about our roles as guides (leaders) and how to make their dreams a reality. In anything they do, we will be able to identify the learning that’s happening if we dare to look.

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Julie shares stories of her children’s vastly different interests and they have become her fondest memories of their childhood. Julie shares that when she needed time to grieve her divorce, she needed to put homeschooling on pause and send her children back to school. 

What we’re talking about

  • That writing doesn’t start on paper but in the mind
  • That adaptive tools are not cheating
  • Why do we need to create the space to let our children explore and fail
  • How to guide them through their learning and life
  • Why the happiness of your child is an indicator or meaningful learning 
  • That homeschool is life and how we can help them figure out
  • That it is ok to take a break when you feel that it is too much

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