How to Have a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship with Nicole Lupushansky

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In today’s episode, my guest Nicole Lupushansky and I explore the world of respectful co-parenting after divorce and why it is important for the child’s overall well-being. In our conversation, we realized that even in ongoing partnerships or marriages, the same friction points can arise when two parents have a different view on parenting. We dive into why we need to learn to step back and let our children and their fathers build and define their own relationships.

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What we’re talking about

  • That we need to learn to let go of control over the other parent’s choices
  • How to recognize when your child is struggling with mental health
  • Why we need to strive for a healthy co-parenting relationship
  • That criticizing the co-parent’s choices indirectly tell our children that part of them is not lovable
  • How one person can improve an unhealthy co-parenting relationship and create a ripple effect

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