Money Matters - Becoming Debt Free when You Have a Family with Katy Almstrom

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In today’s episode, my guest Katy shares her journey to becoming debt-free and how she now helps families become sustainably debt-free. She explains that getting clear on a near-term and long-term vision for their finances is the first step to becoming debt-free. The next step would be to simplify your accounts and cards. 

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We explore how our money stories inform our financial decisions and how to recognize our spending habits so that we can create the money future we want. When working with families her focus is on open and honest communication.

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What we’re talking about

  • Why paying off debt is not the main focus
  • How to make sure on where your money goes
  • That the major causes for being in debt in the US are student loans or medical bills
  • That when one person in the relationship models new money-related behaviors it can inspire the partner/spouse
  • What to do when you keep accumulation debt
  • Why it is a good thing to simplify your finances
  • How to make better buying decisions


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