Building your Family Team and Creating Memorable Moments while Cooking with Katie Kimball

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In today’s episode, my guest Katie Kimball and I explore our role to recognize when our kids are ready for new skills and then to offer opportunities to practice these new skills. We explore the concept of age-appropriate versus developmentally ready and how to recognize when your kids are a different new skill. We also talk about why the kitchen is a great place to start not only by teaching life skills that build confidence but also lead to healthier eating habits. 

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I share how her course has helped my family teach these kitchen skills and how you could outsource teaching cooking skills through her course if you’re not well versed in the kitchen yourself.

Lastly, we examine the importance of giving our children agency in their life and how to create these opportunities in our family life. 

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What we’re talking about

  • That having agency is the key determining factor whether or not a child will be happy (from The self-driven Child by Ned Johnson and William Stixrud Ph.D.)
  • That only one third (⅓) of college students know how to boil an egg
  • How kitchen skills build competence and confidence in children
  • Why it is important to involve your kids in the kitchen
  • How to create better-eating habits
  • That time in the kitchen together builds memorable moments
  • When not invite your kids into the kitchen
  • Why curiosity in the kitchen leads to better eating habits
  • That we parents have to observe when our kids are ready for new skills


Free knife skills course 

Homeschool curriculum

Kitchen Stewardship eBooks

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