Reimagining Working Mom’s Support Post CoVid

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In today’s episode my guest Mychelle Fernandez shares how her experience as a working mom led her to start her non-profit called Working Moms Tribe. We chat about what changes moms need to see in the workplace aside from flexibility in order to feel well and be most productive. Mychelle and I explore reasons why moms often are the last ones to invest in themselves. Lastly, she shares how her V.I.B.E. framework can help working moms create a life they love.

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What we’re talking about…

  • The importance of mental health initiatives  and emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • How employers can ensure their top talent stays with them
  • The kind of support working moms are looking for
  • That having a mom's village is key to being successful
  • How to build your family team and get support at home
  • Why moms still take on most of the mental load

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