How to Be More Confident in Your Financial Decisions with Jenifer Sapel

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In today’s episode, my guest Jenifer Sapel and I are talking about all things investing. We chat about the common misconception that women are not financially savvy and how that has come to be. Jennifer shares that statistically speaking women get better rates of return on investment than men but often feel less confident about it.
Listen in for some best practices in financial planning and how to have the often dreaded conversations about money with your partner/spouse. 

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What we’re talking about…

  • How to become more confident with your financial decisions
  • Why we should automate our investment accounts
  • That we get to define what financial decisions are right for our families
  • Statistically, women are the better investors
  • Why our financial decisions are not static and can change over time
  • That communication about financial goals is key to a healthy partnership 
  • How to make a financial decision that mirrors our values
  • That we can adjust our investments depending on the season of life we’re in
  • What to do when your partner/spouse is hesitant about investing


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