The Opportunity to find Work-Life Flow with Virtual Assistance (VA) Work with Bai-Leigh Chapman

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Today’s episode is about the opportunity to create your own schedule with virtual assistant offerings, be it to support your business or start your own. Bai-Leigh shares helpful tips to define clear boundaries around work-life balance. She shares how our mindset can make or break a business and calls on our courage to seek the uncomfortable if we seek personal and/or business growth.

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What we’re talking about...

  • Why you should not wait until you feel ready, and what to do instead.
  • How Bai-Leighs experience growing up led her to hire moms for her business to support their work-life integration.
  • Who VA work could be a great fit for.
  • How to get started and grow in the virtual assistant (VA) sector.
  • Why having a vision for your life is the best tool to get back on track with work-life balance.
  • As a business owner, when and why you should hire a virtual assistant (VA)


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