How to Share the Load and Set Expectations at Home through Systems and SOPs with Amy Lockrin

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In today’s episode, Amy Lockrin shares her journey from the corporate space to becoming an entrepreneur in search of a better work-life balance. Her drive to be more present with her family ignited her passion to help other entrepreneurs to build a business with strategy and create efficient systems to not enslave themselves to the continuous demands of running a business.

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Amy openly shares the challenges that having her kids home all day brought and how she and her husband navigated the distance learning period. Listen in to hear a refreshing take on what it means to bring systems not only into your business but also into your home.

What we're talking about...

  • What can systems do for you
  • How systems and SOPs helped her kids with chores. 
  • How she managed to integrate work-life balance after leaving a corporate job
  • Why we should consider our family a team
  • Tips on how to teach your kids to be responsible with their chores

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