How to Recognize and Keep our Children Save from Bullying with Candice Dugger

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In today’s episode, Candice and I are discussing all things bullying. We define what bullying is, explore the roots of bullying and its shocking effects. Candice is determined to stop the bullying culture by helping kids and teens with social-emotional skills and teaching leadership to them. And finally, she’s giving us some tools to stop bullying and intervene when we observe it happen.

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What we're talking about...

  • How to recognize bullying
  • That bullying happens as early as elementary school
  • Why do we need to keep a close eye on internet use with our kids
  • The ARP of bullying - Is it aggressive, repetitive, and a power-imbalance?
  • Why we never should engage with a bully
  • How to resolve a situation when bullying is happening

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