Mama, Cut Yourself some Slack - On Self-Compassion in Motherhood with Laura Froyen, PhD

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In today’s episode, my guest Laura Froyen and I explore the world of positive parenting and self-compassion. The more we talked, the more parallels with emotional intelligence and leadership qualities we could identify.

We explored how we need to really let our emotions wash over ourselves, and not stuff them down. We also talked about how we need to stop beating ourselves up when we make a mistake and what to do when it happens.

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We talked about how we need to let everyone in the family figure out their own relationship and avoid getting into the “triangle”. Laura shares how to remove ourselves from a triad when it happens and how to redirect to have your child and dad talk it out.

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What we’re talking about

  • That we are deserving of kind and gentle treatment in of itself
  • How to build resilient relationships 
  • That we need more self-compassion in our parenting 
  • Why the buttons our children push are really opportunities to connect with yourself and your healing
  • How to get your partner to commit to positive parenting
  • That we as parents can be each other's accountability partners


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