How to Build Your Village when You Feel like a “Solo Mom” with Jessica Nagy

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In today’s episode, my guest Jessica Nagy and I explore the issue of isolation and lack of support in motherhood. She recognized that many moms feel like “solo moms” running the household and family on their own without spousal support. How the interpretation of scripture has led to moms trying to live up to an impossible standard, leaving them feeling that they are not enough.

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Jessica shares her vision of creating the proverbial village for moms with a network of women within 150 mi of each other in Canada and the continental US so that they could help each other with practical support.

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What we’re talking about

  • That we should seek out people who encourage and/or challenge us
  • Why some moms are trying to keep up appearances
  • How to build your support system
  • That more moms are struggling than we think
  • Why we might feel extremely lonely even in a room full of people.
  • That there is a lot of Moms who are unseen, misunderstood, or even censored in their marriages


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