Exploring Music as a Form of Self Care and Way of Creating Connection with Jennifer Bliss

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In today’s episode, Jennifer and I explore how to invite more music into your life even if you’ve never played an instrument. Her approach to music is all about self-care and connection-building moments by “strumming your soundtrack and serenading the world”. Her stories of professional caregivers learning songs that light up their patients, a little girl composing her own song, and many more are just beautiful reminders of letting go of perfection and playing music for fun.

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We also talk about how we don’t have to become an expert in everything, but rather keep the love of learning new skills alive. So let’s be more playful in life!

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What we’re talking about

  • That you can play music without reading sheet music
  • What it looks like to model resilience to your child
  • How you could invite more music into your life
  • That music can be a form of self-care and meditation
  • Why learning a song that is meaningful to you or your loved ones can be the greatest gift to give
  • How you can create moments of connection through music


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Jennifer Bliss

Thanks for facilitating this wonderful conversation on your amazing podcast Kirsten!  I had a great time!

If you are interested in more information on my online guitar lessons, please visit my website at www.JBlissGuitarStudio.com 

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