Finding Synergy in Work and Family Life with Christelle Pillot

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In today’s episode, my guest Christelle Pillot and I discuss how being a multicultural family comes with its own set of challenges but also opens the doors to redefining your values and creating your family culture. She shares her journey leaving behind a career in Engineering to become a Life & Career Coach. Her experience having to gap different expectations from French colleagues and German clients fueled her interest in helping moms go back to work after child-rearing breaks. She helps working moms live in alignment, have a fulfilling career, and enjoy family time as well.

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What we’re talking about…

  • How do we get to define what’s right for our families
  • That motherhood levels our leadership competencies up 
  • Why we should have our spouses/husbands shadow our work at home
  • That communication is key for work-life balance
  • How we can become more accepting of others
  • That it is ok to change your career later in life
  • A tool to get your family to help

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