Create a Family Culture Where Everyone Thrives

Empower your family to come together as a team and create a more independent, confident and loving family in 1 hour per week with the Family Meetings Blueprint.

A short Video with a Workbook to help you... 

✔  Confidently conduct family meetings with themed templates 

✔  Follow a proven meeting structure

✔  Shift the mood from bossy to collaborative 

✔  Increase your family's desire to participate and contribute

✔  Templates to identify and track your individual and family goals 

✔  Discover how to bring back joy into your family life


Kickstart your Work-Life Flow

1:1 Work-Life Flow Coaching
Kickstart your Work-Life Flow


Get Your Time Back and Create Space for what Matters to You Most

Are you constantly being approached to give your time and have a hard time saying 'No'? Your kid's school needs volunteers, then there is the fundraiser for their extracurriculars, and even at work you're asked to organize a Happy Hour. If you feel like it's too much and you need to put an end to it, this 5 Step Process to defining your 'No' is crucial.
Are You Tired of Feeling Taken Advantage Of? Ace Your Boundaries with the Guilt-Free 'NO' Guide